Welcome to Boggy Creek Farm

East Austin’s Original Urban Farm since 1992

Market Stand open Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday, 8-1



TICKETS ONLINE (starting March 20th)  SOLD OUT!!


Four Farms in East Austin’s fertile Bottomland. (HausBar Farms and Guest Haus, Rain Lily Farm, Springdale Farm, and Boggy Creek Farm.) Over thirty of the best Chefs and Drinkologists share food and drinks. Tours (guided and self.) The farms are close to each other so walking and biking are encouraged. This is one of the best food events in Austin. Don’t miss it. You will not leave hungry!


Check out Miochael Barnes’ well-written article about the 175th Anniversary and the history of both Boggy Creek Farm and The French Legation, both in East Austin.



IMG_5666The New Hoop House has been a success and now has its plastic covering. It’s screened on the lower sides, to keep the chickens out and for air circulation. The plastic can be let down to keep out cold air next winter.

Farm Stand hours/days:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 8-1

Park on the farm — bring your family — check out the fields and the hen house!


Harvest continues during market until 11 AM. Come early for the best selection.

(Note: due to the untimely heat, there will be no strawberries this season.)


Real “NEW” Potatoes, coming in from our Gause Farm in Milam County….These are dug the day before market, the original definition of a “new” potato!

Currently on our Market Tables:

Sweet Pea Flower Bouquets, Vegetable Flowers, Beets (Red Ace/Chioggia), Cabbage, Kale, Pink Beauty Radishes, Endive Frisee,  Escarole, Dandelion Greens, Red and Green Butterhead Lettuce, Snow Peas,  Parsley, French Sorrel, Salads: Baby Arugula, Baby Frilly Mustards,  Baby Chicory Salads, The Marias’ Braising Mix

From Larry’s Comercial Kitchen: Wild Mustang Green Grape Jam (from our fruit,)  Larry’s Bean Dip (with Smoke-dried Tomatoes;)  Larry’s Fire-roasted Tomatoes (great for soups, stews, sautees, sauce, gazpacho!)


Above: Larry’s Green Wild Mustang Grape Jam…

LARRY’S CORN MEAL…from certified organic/non-gmo Coyote Creek Mill corn, cleaned, ground and packaged at our Gause farm. Wonderful for Cornbread (without wheat flour) and Polenta. Check Recipe page under Home section for recipes for polenta and cornbread…

Miles of Chocolate from East Austin. World’s Best Eggs from Coyote Creek Farm. Two varieties of Local Honey: Bee Weaver’s Wildflower Honey/Central TX, and Gause Yaupon Honey/Milam County….both delicious!! Gramen Farm (Tom Ball TX) low temp pasteurized Jersey Milk (half gallon/one gallon)…..

In the freezer: I.O. Ranch Lamb, Thunder Heart Bison, Grass-fed Longhorn Beef (Dear Run Land & Cattle Co., Buda) and  Taylor Farm Chickens (seasonally).

In the cooler: Dairy from Pure Luck Farm (goat feta, chevre, specialties); Dos Lunas aged/raw cheddar cheese from Jersey milk. Richard’s RainWater from Dripping Springs.

NOTE: Wateroak Dairy is no longer in business. We were their first retailer in Austin and for the last 17 years or so, we and many of our customers have enjoyed and benefited from their wonderful goat milk products. Wishing them happiness in their next adventures! Thank You Mark and Pam and all of your goats!!

NOTE: “Larry’s Smoke-dried Tomatoes”  are in the transplant stage. We hope for a great year in 2016! Harvest and Smoke-drying should occur in July. Larry created this treat in 1994; It was featured on Food Network TV. We can mail order the S-dToms, and of course they will be in the Farmstand.   July…not too far away!


Meanwhile in the Hen House:photo_4




Our Chickens eat very well! In the photo above they are taking care of a culled lettuce crop. Most afternoons the Girlies are out on the farm choosing their food.


Four hens in the nest. They lay their eggs “in one basket” so that only one hen has to set on the eggs….It “takes a village” to lay the eggs but only one hen to hatch them…..

New favorite hen! Little Owl...

New favorite hen! Little Owl…


Restaurants that regularly shop at the BCF farm stand:

With their commitment to great produce,
you can trust their protein/dairy buying too!

Wink Cool Wine Bar & Exquisite Cuisine: Over 18 years serving BCF vegs! Meet Chef Eric Polzer at the farm stand twice weekly Year-round! Congratulations to Chef Eric Polzer as he won the 2014 Snailblazer Award, given by Slow Food Austin to the person/company that has made a real difference. Chef Eric is one of the first Austin chefs to bring produce from the farm (Boggy Creek, for the last 18 years!) to the restaurant (WINK)!!!(http://www.winkrestaurant.com/)

Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher shop BCF Wed/Sat for ingredients for their very popular LENOIR Restaurant 1807 South 1st St. Make reservations! Congratulations on Lenoir being named the “Best Restaurant” in Austin, by Food Writer Odom of the American Statesman newspaper….http://lenoirrestaurant.com

photo 469


Chef Michael of East Side Pies visits with Larry at the farm stand. Their gluten-free pizza crust is great! We order it with sauce and cheese and then add our own toppings! Here are our green beans and Long Horn Beef! (http://www.eastsidepies.com/)


Olamaie’s gorgeous Old South/New Restaurant is located at1610 San Antonio St., Austin. Olamaie’s chefs Michael Fojtasek and Grae Nonas shop at BCF twice a week! http://olamaieaustin.com/

Other Restaurant chefs who come to the Farm Stand: TX French Bread, Dai Due,  Bufalina, Barley Swine, Odd Duck, Contigo, ASTI, Native…

Caterer/Private Chefs:
Fine Home Dining (http://www.finehomedining.com) Chef Brandy Gibbs

Boggy Creek Farm in the News:




From the Austin Chronicle:
“Boggy Creek was a USDA-certified organic urban farm before it was trendy to be one (1992.)
Turn in at the big, red tomato sign on an unassuming driveway on the near Eastside, and you’ll find
a hen house, a farmhouse from the 1840s, and five acres of earthly bounty. The market stand is … .stocked with local artisanal items and the farm’s own produce harvested from either these fields or Boggy Creek’s sister farm outside Gause. Owners Larry Butler and Carol Ann Sayle have built a small culture around their labor of love with an engaging website and blog, seasonal recipes,
and even a children’s book based on their chickens.”


Look for photos of past events on the Events Page
Look for more photos of the Farm on the Farm Photos Page


Thank you for supporting local nutritious food for Americans!

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