The Window Restoration was completed and the old house now may make it 200 years before needing work on them again! We are grateful to our wonderful community for pulling together to protect this precious old farmhouse. Come by to see how great it looks!

The Event:

Save the Windows
at Historic Boggy Creek Farm

A community party/fundraiser for this Historic Austin Landmark! Help save the fourteen 177 year old farmhouse windows that are in need of complete restoration.

Docent-led tours
of the farm and old farm house


Local chefs will provide appetizers made from our farm fresh produce:

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Including a garden party for up to 10 guests hosted by Chef Todd Duplechan of Lenoir at Boggy Creek Farm.

We would like to extend a Huge Thanks to our Donors & Sponsors!



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 Charlotte Herzele

Saving the Good Stuff

Preservation Austin promotes our city's cultural heritage through the preservation of historic places. Our nonprofit has been Austin's leading voice for preservation since 1953, with educational programming and advocacy that engage our community in "Saving the Good Stuff"

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On Sunday April 7th, Red River Restoration with the help of the Window Preservation Alliance removed all 14 of the historic windows. About 30 people were involved in their removal and it took about 5 hours! They are currently at Red River Restoration's shop being lovingly restored. The work is expected to take about 2 months which means that by June we should have windows back in the old farm house! Follow us on Facebook for updates and photos of the progress. Thanks again to ALL who came out to our fundraiser in April 2018 to make sure the structural integrity of this old home is intact to so that it may remain standing far into the future.

~The Window Preservation Alliance (WPA) was created to build awareness of window restoration and repair. Windows built before 1960 were designed to be serviced, and can be made beautiful and energy efficient. Replacement windows have been proven to be a poor investment. Many of our members also build custom windows in the traditional manner.~



A community benefits when its history is known and preserved. Not just by story telling but also by the actual survival of buildings and homes. At Boggy Creek Farm, in the fertile bottom land of East Austin, the farmstead, dating to 1839-1841 still exists: the remaining five acres of farmland, and its modified Greek Revival farmhouse, where the first President of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston, dined in 1841!.

The farmhouse is now 177 years old. It is in good condition, except for the windows. They are fragile and beyond band-aid glazing; they need to be taken out of their walls for professional restoration. The experts will clean the windows of aged glazing materials and remove all of the paint. Then they can assess what wood needs repair or duplication.

The process takes two months:

  • Removing the windows from the walls, taking them to Red River Restorations who specializes in historic window restoration and has done work on the Alamo and many Texas Court Houses and the French Legation to name a few.

  • Placing the windows in a 'heat box' to soften hardened glazing and to remove the glazing and old paint.

  • Examining the wood framework of the windows. Repairing mild deterioration and duplicating rotten/missing wooden parts as needed.

  • Replace damaged window panes.

  • Prime and paint the restored windows.

  • Install windows into the walls of the farm house.

Sample of windows in need of restoration.


We, Carol Ann Sayle, Larry Butler (passed in June 2018) & daughter Tracy Gibson Geyer are the stewards of this homestead, resisting development, keeping the house in good repair, and sharing it through many house tours over the last 28 years. With your generosity,  and with newly sound windows, this important example of history can weather the next  generations and beyond. We love this community and we are honored by your help!

Donors (Loyal Friends of the Farm):

Charlotte Herzele

Glenn & Paula Foore

Slow Food Austin

Cindy Le

Donald Wertz

Sustainable Food Center

Karen Leef

Ruben Rodriguez

Gail & Wayne Gibson

Les Dames d'Escoffier

Amy Juried

Ann Daughety

Jane Ross

Sherry Vest Rice

Ralph Hasson & Mary Beth Murphy

Shiela & Michael Lyon

Paula Angerstein & Paul Grosso

Carla Crownover

Chris Luscombe

Dana Luscombe

Benjamin Schwartz

Linda & Marion Green

Kristin & Ross Bassinger

Commissioner Hightower

Tom Fink

Molly Berger

Jennifer Ebey

Dana & Bob Wesson

Dee & Gary Kelleher

Gene & Daryle Geyer

Larry & Jane Wilson

Mary Faris

Blake Tollet

Phil & Katy Lancaster

Robert Atwood

Elizabeth Banner

Molly Bean

Dana Newlove

Gina Burchenal

Marissa Lankes

Linda Busby

Damon Waldrip

Gayle Goff

Sally Hamilton

Dana Rusinak & Denise Doolan

Steve Ray

Paul Harford & Sandy Dunn

Eugenia Harris

Ronda Rutledge

Jackie Gulledge

Carol & Dick Yetman

Patricia's Table

Karin Petty

Susan Marshall

Susan & Dan Hampton

Susan Raja-Rao

Monica Solomon

Joy Sottile

Lorig Hawkins

Julie Bruton

Catherine Baker

Suzanne Santos

Vanessa Kohlhaas

Terri Leclercq

Tere Hager

Renee Studebaker

Amy Rose

Rocky Littlefield

Desmond Ng

Vanessa Kohlhaas

Richard Denney

Bob Ward

Thank you Historic Farmhouse Tour Docents:

Johanna Brown

Vicky Lang

Jody Zemel

Tom Fink

Steve Gibson

Thank you to those who helped plan and run the show (& those we missed here; we appreciate you all!):

John Welch

Carla Crownover

Gail Gibson

Barbara Breyfogle

Steve Gibson

Benjamin Schwartz

Marissa Lankes

Dana Rusinak & Denise Doolan

Christine Randolph

Monica and James Sanders

Christine & Jeremy Harris

Sahar Arafat-Ray

Carson Geyer & Hailey Heal

Kim Sheridan

Darren Geyer

Mark Marsee

Farm Dog Buddy

To All who attended our fundraising event we are forever grateful!

Prints and Prints on Canvas by Carol Ann Sayle

Pottery by Barbara Breyfogle

Natural Savoy Cabbage grown at Boggy Creek Farm, imprinted into Breyfogle's handmade clay. Also sold at the farm on Saturdays from 8-1. 

Thanks for sharing and helping us to reach others in the community!

Boggy Creek Farm

3414 Lyons Road

Austin, Texas   78702 

Carol Ann Sayle

Steward, Owner and Pioneer Urban Farmer

Tracy Geyer

Steward, Administrative Asst & Venue  Coordinator