In the Freezer

Grass-fed meats: I.O. Ranch Lamb (ground, loin chops, link sausage,shanks,bones), Thunder Heart Bison/ground, Dear Run Land & Cattle Co., Buda (Longhorn beef: ground, saute, steaks, bones), Taylor Farm Chickens (seasonally) and Taylor Farm pork link sausage, pork chops, patty-pan sausage.


In the Cooler

Bee Tree Farm/Dairy Feta--the does are doing the baby thing so no cheese until late February.; Dos Lunas aged/raw cheddar cheese from Jersey milk; Miles of Chocolate; Texas Rain Water from Smithville. Eggs from World's Best Eggs/Coyotoe Creek Organic Feed Mill in Elgin, TX

market schedule:

September-July: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday, 8:00-1:00

August only: Wednesday & Saturday, 8:00-1:00

Harvest continues during market until 11 AM.

Come early for the best selection!

Park on the farm.

Bring your family.

Check out the fields and the hen house!


What We’re Selling

Most of the produce at our farm stand is harvested within 24 hours of market day in East Austin or our Milam County farm 75 miles outside Austin. What we’re growing and selling changes with the seasons, so check out our seasonal report. We also sell Larry’s Smoke-Dried Tomatoes, a farm favorite.  Roma tomatoes from our Milam County farm dry in our home built smokehouse for 3-5 days with smoke from post oak growing on our farm. A richly smoky, versatile, and surprising bacon flavor emerges. Also, many other items from Larry's commercial kitchen.


We proudly supplement our harvest with goods from other local farmers. We sell goat dairy products from Pure Luck, Dos Lunas, and Bee Tree dairies; beef from Dear Run Land & Cattle, lamb from IO Ranch, chicken and pork sausage from Taylor Farm; dessert from Miles of Chocolate, eggs from Coyote Creek, and Richard’s Rainwater.

Checks, cash, & cards accepted!

Please no dogs and no smoking for the safety of our plants, children, and animals.


Guided Urban Farm Tours...Restaurant Tastings...Wine, Beer, and Spirits Tasting

Sunday, April 9, 2017 1PM to 5PM read more | buy tickets 

This is what’s in season
at the farm

*Kale! Dino


*Head Escarole, Frisee Endive, Radicchio, Dandelion

*Sweet White Japanese Turnips

*Salads (baby Arugula, baby Spinach,baby Lettuce,  the Marias's Brassica Mix. Chicorie Mix (escarole, raddichio, endive frisee.)

*Romaine Lettuce, Curley Lettuce, Butterhead

*Cilantro, Parsley

Shallot Scapes

*Bunched Spinach

*French Sorrel

* Ranunculus Flowers Bouquets

* Ongoing in the "Art Corner" of the Farmstand:   Paintings, Photography, Farm-made Wooden pieces (finished tables, benches, etc.)

*Visit the "Lumber Yard" Barn behind the Farmstand, soon, to see what cured "raw"boards Larry and Mark bring back from the  Gause farm. Great for wood crafters, or pick out your favorite boards and have a custom-made piece of furniture!

Frequently on our shelves

from Larry’s Commercial Kitchen

• Jams (from our fruit) Wild Mustang Grape,

   Wild Green Grape

• Larry’s bean dip (with smoke-dried tomatoes) 

• Larry’s Fire-roasted Tomatoes: Red & Yellow
  (great for soups, stews, sautees, sauce, salsa,

   gazpacho!) And, ahem, for drinking!

Larry's Pickles (with our coriander!) +

  Pickled Green Tomatoes/coriander

• Larry’s Hot Sauce (for men only, but Texas
   ladies might like it too!)

• Larry’s corn meal…from certified
   organic/non-gmo Coyote Creek Mill corn,

   cleaned, ground and packaged at our Gause

   farm. Wonderful for cornbread (without

   wheat flour) and Polenta. 

Above, sample summer fare...

Above, sample winter fare...

Boggy Creek Farm

3414 Lyons Road

Austin, Texas   78702 

Carol Ann Sayle

Steward, Owner and Pioneer Urban Farmer

Tracy Geyer

Steward, Administrative Asst & Venue  Coordinator