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Welcome to Boggy Creek Farm!

Take a step back in time, walk the grounds, see the crops, smell the flowers! The historic farmhouse hosted President Sam Houston at a wedding supper here in 1841! Say hello to our 100 hens who lay the best eggs and help to nourish the soil!

Please no dogs or smoking for the safety of our plants, children, and animals

***Market Schedule:*** 

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays &  Saturdays



NOTICE for COVID Compliance


Boggy Creek Farm


(no questions ~ THIS IS OUR POLICY)


Thank you for your compliance and support of

Austin's Regenerative Urban Farm. 


~ PRIOR TO ENTERING FOOD TENTS/FARMSTAND~ not necessary while walking around farm but keep your distance from other people.

*MAINTAIN 6 FEET between yourself and others*


PLACE  ALL items on the table

so that the cashier may ring them up; she/he will tell you what you will need to place onto the scale.


Do not rush the cashier or check-out process. Wait to pack your items into your bag/s until the cashier prompts you to do so.




to instead have a pair of gloves\or to use shopping bags as a gloves 


(you may place your bag inside)

This is What’s in Season at the Farm

as of Friday, July 10th, 2020

*Availability WILL change throughout each market day (#TheEarlyBirdGetsTheWormATX) Wednesdays and Saturdays are our biggest markets of the week w/ more variety. Thursdays & Fridays there is less of a crowd and less variety as we allow crops to recover from heavy harvests.

TIP: It never hurts to ask if you are looking for something in particular and you don't see it on the tables. 


From the Fields 
  • Salad Mix:
    • Arugula
    • Frilly Mustard Greens
  • Salad Greens:​
    • Swiss Chard​
  • Brassicas:​
    • Dino Kale​
  • Legumes:​​
    • Asian Long Beans   
  • Roots:
    • Potatoes (limited)​​
  • Peppers:​
    • Ace Bell Peppers
    • Marconis (excellent on the grill!)
    • Antohi Romanian (great for frying!)
    • Shishitos
    • Fresno Jalapenos
    • Santa Fe Peppers (medium hot)​
  • Squash:
    • Cucumbers: Suyo Long & Tasty Jade
    • Patty Pan
    • Yellow
    • Zucchini (Costata Romanesco)
    • Spaghetti Squash
    • Butternut Squash
    • Delicata
  • Tomatoes: Limited!
    • Sungold Cherry 
    • Juliet Grape Cherry
    • Bella Rosa 
    • Yaqui (the one in Larry's famous whole canned tomatoes)
  • Other Produce:
    • Dasene GREEN EGGPLANT (The BEST!! NOT Bitter like its purple sisters! You will be coming back for more!  Leave the SKIN ON! It is tender and sweet!
      • Sauté or Roast
      • Fry or Bake (slice for eggplant fries!)
      • Try using Larry & Sahar's Fresh Cornmeal!  Toppings of choice. *last 5 minutes in oven w/ mozzarella, basil leaf & Tracy's Italian Style Canned Tomatoes zipped up into sauce.
      • Great on the grill! Slice into 1/4" -1/2" “steaks” oil both sides, tan one side, then the other. Salt to taste....yum!  
    • OKRA!
      • Roast WHOLE w/ oil, garlic, salt!
      • Fry or Bake ('Bread' w/ Larry & Sahar's Fresh Cornmeal!)
  • Herbs:​​
    • French Sorrel
  • Fruit​
    • FIGS for a short time only (#earlybirdgetsthewormatx)​
We usually have a surprise or two for the early birds!​
On the Counter
  • Texas French Bread ​​​​​

    • Croissants: butter & chocolate

    • Amber Rye Sourdough Boule

    • French Sandwich Bread 

    • Raisin Pecan Loaf

  • Texas Coffee Traders Organic Breakfast Blend

  • Carla's Springdale Handmade Soaps (aromatic & soothing w/ natural ingredients; many scents to choose from)

  • BCF Hen House Eggs -Soy free & organic (limit 1/2 dzn)

  • Walker Honey Farm  -Milam County 

    • ​Yaupon Pure Natural Honey 

    • Peanut Butter w/ Pure Natural Honey

  • Larry & Sahar's Fresh Whole Corn Meal Suitable for Corn Bread (without flour!) and Polenta, Fried Green Tomatoes or Eggplant!

  • Larry's Original Whole Canned Tomatoes  

  • Tracy's Whole Canned Tomatoes w/ an Italian Twist w/ garlic & basil (New this year, inspired by Larry and her husband Enzo)

From area providers
In the Cooler
In the Freezer

Grass-fed, free range meats:

  • I.O. Ranch Lamb - Lampasas, TX - ​

    • Ground

    • Lion Chops

    • Sausage

  • Roam Ranch -Fredericksburg, TX & Force of Nature: 

    • Ground:Venison, Elk​, Ground Bison, Ancestral Blend (Ground Bison w/ heart & liver)

    • Steaks​: Venison Medallions

  • Taylor Farm Pork- Lexington, TX:

    • Hams

    • Pork Chops

  • Shirttail Creek Farm - Brenham, TX:​​

    • Steaks: Ribeye, T-bone, Sirloin & Tenderloin (must ask for),

    • BRISKET!

    • Sausages (link & patty)

    • Ground & Ground w/ organ meat

    • Short Ribs

    • CHICKEN!! Whole & Leg Quarters

  • Dear Run Land & Cattle Company- Longhorn-Buda, TX

    • Ground Beef & Ground Beef Burger Patties

    • Stir Fry/Sauté

    • Bones (ask us to grab some for you!)

    • Arm Roast

    • Steaks: Sirloin, Ribeye, NY Strip​, Tenderloin

Buddy's Boutique

  • T-Shirts, Totes & Aprons  'Farm Dog Buddy' Designed & printed by The Bearded Lady

  • Hats Designed by Carol Ann's grandkids 

       Carson, Jack & Hailey 


  • Farm Photography of Flowers, Produce and Farm Scenes by Sahar

Temporarily Out of Stock

Harvest continues during market until 11 AM.

Come early for the best selection!

Park on the farm.

Bring your family.

Check out the fields and the hen house!

Above, sample winter fare...

What We’re Harvesting


Most of the produce at our farm stand is harvested within 24 hours of market day in East Austin or our Milam County farm 75 miles northeast of Austin. What we’re growing and selling changes with the seasons, so check out our seasonal reportWe also sell (at the farm only) Larry’s Smoke-Dried Tomatoes, a farm favorite. (Roma tomatoes from our Milam County farm dry in our home-built smokehouse for 3-5 days, flavored with smoke from post oak growing on our farm. A richly smoky, versatile, and surprising bacon flavor emerges.


We are happy to supplement our harvest with goods from other local farmers, ranchers...

Bee Tree Farm & Dairy - Manor

Dos Lunas Cheese/Stryk Jersey Farm - Schulenburg

Richardson Farms - Rockdale 

Dear Run Cattle & Land Co. - Buda

Force of Nature (Roam Ranch) - Fredericksburg

Taylor Farm - Lexington

I.O. Ranch - Lampasas

Pure Roots - Lexington

Shirttail Creek Farm - Brenham

Coyote Creek Farm & Mill - Elgin

Steelbow Farm - Manor


Texas French Bread - Austin

Miles of Chocolate - Austin

Texas Rainwater

Rambler Sparkling Water - Austin

Checks, cash, & cards accepted! There is a 3% convenience fee added to all credit or debit card transactions.

*Please no dogs and no smoking for the safety of our plants, children, and animals.

Above, sample summer fare...

Boggy Creek Farm

3414 Lyons Road

Austin, Texas   78702 

Carol Ann Sayle

Steward, Owner and Pioneer Urban Farmer


Tracy Geyer

Steward, Administrative Asst & Venue  Coordinator