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Market Schedule:

September-July: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday, 8am-1pm

August: only Wednesday & Saturday, 8am-1pm


This is What’s in Season at the Farm

 (as of February 12, 2020 - availability subject to change)

From the Fields
  • Beets 

  • Carrots

  • Japanese Turnips (Hakurei)

  • Radishes

  • Broccoli

  • Cauliflower (including Romanesco!)

  • Tatsoi (Mustard family, mild, wonderful in salads or sautéd)

  • Green Onions

  • Green Garlic

  • Greens, Salads, Sautés & Herbs:​ 

    • 7 Varieties of Lettuce including:

      • Romaine Heads

      • Butterheads

    • Napa Cabbage Heads!

    • Dandelion Greens

    • Escarole

    • Friseé Heads (aka Curly Endive)

    • Collard Greens

    • Arugula Bunches

    • Bok Choy

    • Swiss Chard

    • Kales (multiple varieties)

  • Loose Baby Greens:

    • Spinach!!

    • Chicory Mix

    • Baby Arugula

    • Maria's Brassicas featuring various baby kales

    • Frilly Mustards

    • Baby Lettuce

  • Herbs:

    • French Sorrel

    • Cilantro

    • Dill

    • Coriander Seed

On the Counter
Larry's Kitchen
  • Larry & Sahar's Fresh Whole Corn Meal. Suitable for Corn Bread (without flour!) and Polenta.

  •  Smoke-dried Tomatoes are back! (since 1994). 

  • Larry's Cowboy Kim Chi!

From area providers
In the Cooler
In the Freezer

Grass-fed meats:


Farm Dog Buddy T-shirts.jpg
BCF MERCH 4 Hat styles front_edited.jpg
Note Cards_edited.jpg
  • T-Shirts & Totes Farm Dog Buddy - Designed & printed by Bearded Lady.


  • Notecards  Images are of paintings by Carol Ann (oil on canvas) inspired by life on Boggy Creek Farm for 28 years.

  • Hats Designed by Carol Ann's grandkids (Carson, Jack & Hailey)




  •  Farm Photography of Flowers, Produce and Farm Scenes by Sahar

Harvest continues during market until 11 AM.

Come early for the best selection!

Park on the farm.

Bring your family.

Check out the fields and the hen house!

Above, sample summer fare...

What We’re Harvesting


Most of the produce at our farm stand is harvested within 24 hours of market day in East Austin or our Milam County farm 75 miles northeast of Austin. What we’re growing and selling changes with the seasons, so check out our seasonal report. We also sell (at the farm only) Larry’s Smoke-Dried Tomatoes, a farm favorite. (Roma tomatoes from our Milam County farm dry in our home-built smokehouse for 3-5 days, flavored with smoke from post oak growing on our farm. A richly smoky, versatile, and surprising bacon flavor emerges.


We are happy to supplement our harvest with goods from other local farmers. We sell dairy products from Dos Lunas and Bee Tree (cheeses), longhorn beef from Dear Run Land & Cattle, lamb from IO Ranch, pork sausage/pork chops from Taylor Farm, Bison from Thunderheart, Bison w/ organ meat (Ancestral Blend) from Roam Ranch by Force of Nature, Chicken from Pure Roots Farm & dessert from Miles of Chocolate, eggs from Coyote Creek, and Texas Rainwater from Smithville, TX.

Checks, cash, & cards accepted!

*Please no dogs and no smoking for the safety of our plants, children, and animals.

Above, sample winter fare...

For info on Tours, Hosting your own Event or Venue Rental or Farm Stays please email Tracy  tracy@boggycreekfarm.com

Boggy Creek Farm

3414 Lyons Road

Austin, Texas   78702             

Carol Ann Sayle

Owner & Farmer


Tracy Geyer

Administrative Assistant & Venue Coordinator